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At EJCON, we look at economic opportunities as a means of uplifting people from social oppression and marginalization, helping them to be financially independent, thus facilitating social mobility.


We are a group of economic students aiming to build a platform that channelizes dissemination of knowledge, ideas, experiences and opinions into solutions for problems that plague the Indian society. To this end, we uniquely use the spirit of competition as a catalyst for real societal change.

Today’s India faces many challenges that threaten our very existence and  humanity.

Every day our newsfeeds are filled with reports on violence against women and children, lynchings and religious hate crimes, terrorism, farmer distress, suicides and the mental health crisis. While India has progressed across the last couple of decades on issues such as poverty, health, education and human rights, we now find ourselves at a crossroads.


We, the youth, being the future of our nation, can no longer afford to remain oblivious to the suffering around us. We owe it to our forefathers, to fight, in collaboration with various stakeholders including the government, against injustice and oppression. To give a voice to the voiceless and uplift the last citizen of India out of oppression into prosperity, along with the first. 


In today's India where social media and deepening political divides have pitted us against each other, a call to national service is that much more essential. We at EJCON open a pathway for young people to meaningfully engage in their communities and harness the power of our youth to solve major problems that our society battles with.



Our work is based on

4 Pillars

We host an additional serious of live webinars leading up to the final days of the Conclave.

Bringing together pioneers and field experts, our objective is to explore various interrelated issues for our chosen theme.



We enable an exchange of ideas, opinions and knowledge between young people and experts from policy making, industry, academia, finance and activism through speaker sessions, panel discussions and debates.

For every issue that we choose to address, we undertake numerous social  initiatives and partner with field NGOs to work on projects that drive change in our local communities and that deliver real on-ground impact

We bring together the smartest student minds from around the country to come up with innovative policy solution drafts on real world socio-economic policy issues impacting our country. 

A joint policy proposal created by the top 5 teams in collaborations with policy experts and our in-house research team are submitted to regulatory authorities by the Sarla Anil Modi School Of Economics to implement our proposal.


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Combating the existential threats of climate change in India – A pathway towards sustainable development


EJCON 2020 discussed Climate Change as the pivot driving various economic problems to their apotheosis.


The discussions that constructed the Conclave strove to solve problems of the times that have snowballed into an environmental crisis while speculating all that such trends could culminate into. Panel discussions, town hall sessions, social drives, awareness activities and the elite policy challenge debuted in the Conclave. 


SDGs Addressed


The Great Divide - Bridging inequality across spectrums


 Inequality, equality, equity, parity, disparity - all make up the every basis of welfare in political, economic,  sociological and general humanitarian contexts.

 EJCON 2021 held a series of discussions with eminent champions of Equality through social, economic and  creative outlets - an effort to understand roots of human equity and parity.

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SDGs Addressed