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We conducted our first ever Walk For a Cause

We collaborated with Give India, India’s largest and most trusted platform for fundraising, to conduct a Virtual Walk-a-thon Fundraiser on 18th and 19th of December, for the cause G.I.R.L.: Girl-child’s Independence and Right to Literacy. Funds worth ₹ 35000 were raised for the project Nanhi Kali, by over 180 donors and 110 participants. The Walk-a-thon enabled changemakers across the world to walk in solidarity and raise over  ₹3000 on its platform- the Impact App.

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EJCON Walk-a-thon: With Every Mile Girls Rise

Our education-centred programs are aimed at easing accessibility to education for those facing difficulties, especially with the onset of digital education!


We collaborated with Teach For India in September 2020 and November 2021.

In the 2 years, over 100+ mentors across India have volunteered to teach other students whose schooling had been hampered due to the ongoing pandemic. 


We even collaborated with Ekal Yuva, a youth vertical under Ekal Abhiyaan.

Students involved with this NGO made educational videos in Hindi for children belonging to the age group of 7-9 years learning in Tribal Areas.



We even procured Tulsi saplings, and sold them in our college campaign in the hopes of increasing planting and educating buyers on the need to invest into planting!

Regarding mental health, we have focused on creating awareness and focusing on solutions!

On World Mental Health Day 2021, we joined hands with MINDS Foundation for a workshop on ‘20 Things that Mentall Strong People Do’.

On World Mental Health Day 2020, we held an Instagram live with our college counsellors to guide us with clinically proven methods to combat anxiety, panic, stress, anger, irritation and frustration that we face as students.

We even collaborated with The Mood Space to sign socially relevant petitions.





On Grandparents Day 2020


In an effort to reduce the generation gap, we asked interested grandparents to share with us the most important piece of advice they’d give to the Gen Z. 


We were overwhelmed with the lovely messages they send us!


We conducted simple sessions in household societies where we discussed a few small steps they could take to save water.



We started a social outreach venture in 2019 titled Code Green. 


Mission: To educate different sections of the society on the need to conserve the environment.


We collaborated with Earth Angels to have conservation sessions with the young kids. 


We even taught them how to make paper bags, and the usefulness of the same. We distributed chocolates and pencils with seeds, that once done using can be planted!


We even procured Tulsi saplings, and sold them in our college campaign in the hopes of increasing planting and educating buyers on the need to invest into planting!